Dan Callahan Named Senior Leadership Partner

What We Do

At Capasso Planning Partners, we focus our advising expertise on guiding individuals and families by helping them navigate complex financial problems to actualize tangible long-term goals through fee-only financial planning.

Portfolio Management

We help clients constructing customized portfolios that align with their goals and risk tolerance to allow them to reach their high level of financial success. Once a portfolio is built, we manage, monitor, and rebalance the portfolio as needed to ensure our clients are on track.

Retirement Planning

You want to retire comfortably and Capasso Planning Partners wants to help. Regardless of your age or savings goals, retirement planning is a cornerstone to any financial road-map. Our approach to retirement planning is designed to let you focus on living the life you earned.

Asset Protection

Capasso Planning Partners is here to structure your portfolio in a way that minimizes your risk exposure and protects the assets you need the most against inflation and fraud all while limiting intrusive creditor access. To put it simply, there’s a lot to look out for, and the team at CPP has your back.

Risk Management

Risk management is about assessing, pricing, and making sound decisions about risk. Our team does a full review of your insurance needs, protecting your assets from being under or over-insured. We make sure that you are protected without paying additional unnecessary premiums.

Estate Planning

Leaving behind a legacy is important and making sure your assets are transferred in the most efficient way possible is the goal of our estate planning process. Your wishes may include using your assets to help secure your family’s future, support a charitable cause, or your place of worship. Our process makes it easy to have your assets go to the things closest to your heart.

Tax Planning

From helping with maximizing taking losses, asset depreciation, minimizing your taxable income, and tax-efficient investing the team at Capasso Planning Partners has the experience you need to best maximize your tax situation. Being tax alpha is the best way to maximize returns on both investments and regular income. Not sure what that means? Reach out today and we’ll get started.

Your journey starts here

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